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1. Some types of care are equipped with the car-mounted computer automatic diagnosing system, if they are installed with a HID head lamp, and the car-mounted computer will show "CHECK LAMP". This will not affect normal operation. The car owner can ask for rectification at the car's maintenance center. We shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred.
2. When you buy our company's HID lamp, you will enjoy a one-year guarantee period under proper and normal operation. Followings are not included in the guarantee and we shall not be responsible

a) Improper refit and handle that cause the breakdown during installation.
b) Force majeure factors that lead to any losses.
c) Incompatible to the car resulting in breakdown.
d) Any breakdown not due to the product's itself.
e) Disassembling the ballast or using cable other than our supply.
f) Losses caused by traffic accidents.
1. For safety reason, engine should be cooled down before installation.
2. Power should be cut off before installation.
3. The gear should be in neutral or parking position before installation.
4. The output end of the ballast is at high voltage. Extreme caution should be exercised when power is on and all safety precautions should be observed.
5. When power is turned on, do not touch the bulb with hands to avoid scalding.
6. When power is on, do not gaze at the bulb to prevent eyes from burning.
7. When power is on, keep away from inflammables like paper or oil.
8. Do not adjust lamp in higher position to avoid glaze against oncoming driver.
1. The ballast should be placed in a ventilated position allowing easy heat dissipation. Do not fix the ballast close to the engine or fan.
2. Earth wire should be connected properly. If it is done in bad condition, xenon lamp will flash.
3. Do not touch the bulb with hands and no scratch is allowed.
4. Connector, joint and wire should be done in proper connection and careful checking is required. Any misconnection or losing will fair the installation.
5. When adjusting the bulb, bulb top is not allowed to get in contact with the assembly hood.
6. If power is drawn from car battery, make sure the installation is completed before connecting to the battery terminal.
7. If there is not enough room for bulb mounting, dismantle of headlight assembly is required or bulb may be damaged.

Scope of supply
Ballast x 2 pcs
HID xenon lamp x 2 pcs
Screw x 1 bag
Plastic binder x 1 set
Cable x 1 pc
Ballast's metal bracket x 2 pcs

Installation Procedure
1. Preparation before installation
Switch off car engine at neutral or parking station and wait until the engine and lamp are cooled down. Then open the car bonnet.
2. Dismantling Lamp Assembly
Push aside bolts at both sides of lamps, dismantle lamp assembly.
3. Drilling of waterproof and dustproof cover and ring (if necessary)
Check if there is any waterproof and dustproof cover or ring. If yes, drill a proper hole in proper position of cover. Put the HID lamp cable through this hole. Make sure the waterproof and dustproof cover and ring are tightly fixed.
4. Installation of HID bulb
Loose the clamp spring and remove the halogen bulb. Put the HID bulb in the right position inside the lamp assembly. If necessary, lamp holder should be adjusted.
5. Installation of ballast
Choose proper position to fix the ballast according to the rooms available inside the car bonnet. Keep away from hot parts such as, hot water pipe or radiator etc. Use bracket or adhesive tape to fix in the selected location.
6. Wiring
Connect the cable to car battery. Red terminal links to battery anode while black terminal to cathode. Bundle the cables in such a way that they are freely connected to the lamp but meanwhile, keep further away from hot parts. Make sure the wiring is safe and look neat.
7. Installation of lamp assembly
Connect the ballast to the lamp assembly and make sure they are in right wiring (see wiring diagram in below). Then fix lamp assembly.
8. Lighting up and testing
After above-mentioned installation procedure is thoroughly checked and is found no mistake, turn on the HID lamp for trial test.
9. Check car bonnet
Make sure no tool nor any inadequate thing left behind inside the bonnet. Then close the bonnet.

Wiring diagram

Wiring of single lamp

Wiring of H4 H/L lamp

Wiring of H4 with halogen lamp





H4 H/L lamp installing






Separating the lamp holder from lamp body. Rotating lamp holder anticlockwise until hear "click" sound. Do not rotate forcefully to avoid bulb damaging.

After fixing lamp holder in the assembly, rotate lamp body clockwise until hear "click" sound to make sure it is firmly fixed. Do not rotate forcefully to avoid bulb damaging.

Installation Troubleshooting
1. Both lamps does not work properly
If both lamps are flash or do not light up, check if the polarity is correct by means of multimeter.
2. One bulb is flash or does not work
Shut off power, changeover the workable bulb or ballast with another unworkable (flash) bulb or ballast to see which one goes wrong, bulb, ballast or cable.
3. Light scattering
Firstly check if the lamp holder is mounted in proper position for the lamp holder is different basing on different vehicle model. Then check if clamp spring of lamp holder reached the designated position.
4. Lamp focus changing (applicable only for Hi/Lo bulb)
Firstly switch off power and remove the bulb. Switch on power again and see whether it can change focus. If yes, the clamp spring of headlight assembly is probably too tight. Loose the clamp spring outward by means of hand or sharp nose pliers such that it would not get stuck.
5. Light flash or discharge
Firstly check whether top part of the bulb is in contact with the hood inside the assembly, or whether it is too close for discharging. In case it is too close, remove the hood inside the assembly. This would not affect normal operation.

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